Seinabo Sey – I’m A Dream Album Review

Title: I’m A Dream

Artist: Seinabo Sey

Label: Saraba AB

I’m A Dream marks Seinabo’s first release since Pretend three years ago – home to standout track Younger, her biggest hit to date thanks to a cheeky Kygo remix. Much like Pretend, one thing that makes a welcomed return is Seinabo’s rich vocals full of wisdom and soul that flow throughout the entire record.

Although I’m A Dream is delivered to us in a similar vein to Pretend this time around we’re gifted with a few more interesting quirks, such as a buoyant ode to grief on Never Get Used To that is unexpectedly followed up by rambunctious track I Owe You Nothing rooted with ominous 808’s infused with a gospel-esque switch-up around the two minute mark.

Seinabo’s sound may be colourful, making for a somewhat strange soundscape at times, but this doesn’t detract from the emotional intent of the music. Never Get Used To draws us into the storytelling of the relationship she had with her Father, allowing us to feel the longing for a loss of a love one through the lyrics ‘I look for you around every corner.’ Seinabo’s talent for making you feel shines through more so on the stripped back tracks that bring the vocals to the forefront. It’s here on TruthBreathe and Jacob Banks collab’ Remember that we can appreciate solely the lyrics for what they are. Be it through Banks’ heavy rasp echoing Seinabo’s cries to be remembered or Seinabo’s sweet transition to falsetto closing out Truth as she sings ‘These chains made a beautiful sound, well look here what I’ve found. I’m underwater.’

If there was one thing for improvement, given the vibrancy of Good In You drawing out a feeling of self-love when ‘I see the good in you, do you see it too‘ is sung joyfully in your ears, perhaps this track would have made for a nicer finishing touch. Hold Me As I Land is a pretty song, but for closing out the album Good In You would have held more weight in completing the experience and making it more memorable.

Our Top Tracks: I Owe You Nothing, Truth, I Love You



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