Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black – Wake Up In The Sky Single Review

Pop Unplugged Music Review

Title: Wake Up In The Sky

Artist: Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black

Label: GUWOP, Atlantic


For the third single from upcoming album Evil Genius Gucci Mane has teamed up with Bruno Mars & Kodak Black for spacey track Wake Up In The Sky. It’s clear from the vocoder-heavy vocals that Mars had his fingers on the production, creating a sound palette that emulates exactly what the song is: a dedication to being so cool that it’s effortless and chill whilst also toying with the double entendre of being so high on drugs that life is a dream.

With a smooth melody delicately tracing a beat that ticks along so hypnotically it’s hard  to not be sent into a trance where you feel that you’re walking in a daydream. Wake Up In The Sky takes you to a place where everything is light, a place where there’s no politics or religion thus making it a blissful escapism from the weight of quarrels and dramas of the world. Furthermore the inclusion of both Bruno Mars & Kodak Black allow for a change up of vocal textures throughout the song and had they not been there to assist Wake Up In The Sky could quiet easily have fell stagnant given the repetitiveness of the beat.

Whilst there aren’t lyrical treasures hidden on the track this isn’t necessarily the goal or something you feel is missing. If you’re looking to light up, relax by the pool or take a chilled drive through Beverly Hills then the song scores top points for being the soundtrack of choice. Be warned though, if you’re pumped up and energised Mars & Co will certainly bring you down a few levels… Not that you’ll think this is a bad thing when your mind suddenly feels free and at ease – Who needs transcendental meditation to empty their mind when we have a track like this?

All in all Wake Up In The Sky makes for a nice track that’s definitely worth adding to the ‘chilled’ playlists in your library.

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