Camila Cabello Ft. Young Thug – Havana Video Top 5 Moments

Pop Unplugged Music Video Review

Title: Havana

Artist: Camila Cabello Ft. Young Thug

Label: Epic Records

After a sneak tease on Instagram Camila Cabello has finally released her lengthy music video for Havana. Much like the song itself the video is pays homage to her Cuban roots and here are our top 5 moments from the video…


1. Telenovela 

The opening scene really does lead viewers on into thinking that they’re going to be following the life of a wealthy Cuban lady who has just caught her boyfriend in bed with her best friend and the maid. That is until her actual boyfriend comes out of the closet and proposes – cue the wind machine. As if turns out, however, the opening scene really is just a Telenovela whilst the actual protagonist of the video is a shy girl with big dreams.


2. Spanish

Camila is brough out of her fixation with the Telenovela and into reality by her Grandmother, which instantly causes a family argument and what language would they be speaking in other than Spanish? Not only does this add to the authenticity of the setting but for all the non-spanish speakers out there subtitles are provided so we can understand the drama unfolding.


3. Cinematic Style

Just when we think the entire video is going to be about Camila making her own Havana dreams come true we’re taken to a movie theatre and dropped into a retro-style feature film with a red dress, handsome man and some raunchy Latin dancing taking us back to Dirty Dancing Two. The guest feature of Young Thug is also rather well placed into this new world and maintains a good pace, which otherwise could have been rather clumsy given the song does pause numerous times.


4. Grandma & Her Broom

Once Camila leaves the movie theatre and discovers a little spice in her own life with a random boy who fell from his bicycle upon catching Camila embrace her inner Havana we’re gifted with fun shots of her Grandma grinding with the broom – a sneaky highlight to keep the video lighthearted and carefree.


5. Dedication To The Dreamers

Before the credits roll we find out that Camila has dedicated her video to the dreamers, shining a light and showing her support to all those currently in limbo surrounding the future of the DREAM Act making the video feel extra special and personal to Camila herself.



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