Taylor Swift – Gorgeous Single Review

Pop Unplugged Music Review

Title: Gorgeous

Artist: Taylor Swift

Label: Big Machine

Currently on her promotional warpath for upcoming album Reputation Taylor has now delighted fans with new synth pop track Gorgeous. Following the success of lead singles from 1989 Swift has rejoined Max Martin & Shellback on her latest ode to a man that she can’t seem to have… Enter ‘Old Taylor’ whose reputation was founded on romantic temptation and its accompanying tribulations.

Following her social media blackout Swift returned with Look What You Made Me Do announcing to the world that the ‘Old Taylor’ was dead, a perfect ploy to capture the eyes of millions ready for her reinvention. Then came …Ready For It? a concoction of 1989 Taylor and what we suppose to be ‘New Taylor’ with pseudo-rapping, heavier synths and electronic kicks to give a little more edge. Sonically, however, it appears that Gorgeous is more in vain with her 1989 sound and could quite easily have been cut and pasted from her previous record.

Lyrically we’re granted with the Taylor we’ve grown to know: love-struck, lost in the moment and decorating her songs with poetic phrases such as ‘touching my hand in a darkened room’. Despite this, beneath the surface we might be catching a glimpse of ‘New Taylor’ after all. A Taylor unafraid to express her not-so-innocent desires of another man whilst being in a relationship feeding tales of her serial dating in a similar fashion to Blank Space. The difference here is that, this time, the joke isn’t as obvious. Is it satire? Is it truth? The fact that Gorgeous leaves you unsure of how to feel upon stepping into Taylor’s world is a credit to her new PR strategy titled: Who is Taylor Swift?

Stripping the underlying motives of the track away we’re left with a pop package perfect for radio. Whilst gorgeous wont find itself at the summit of her storytelling with All Too Well it does give us a refreshing taste of what the old Taylor used to be.



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